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Thank you for choosing us. On this page we inform you about the next steps to make a definitive reservation.

  1. Your reservation request has now been sent and you will receive a confirmation email from us. This email also contains the information below.
  2. You now have an OPTION on the chosen stay in the indicated period.
  3. Please check all details in the email to be sure.
  4. For reservations with a Non Refundable rate :
    Payment of the full amount must be made within 2 days after reservation
  5. For reservations with the Flexible rate :
    • When making a reservation more than 1 month before check-in, a 50% deposit must be paid within 2 days of booking. The remainder must be paid at least 1 month before check-in. You will receive a reminder for this.
    • When booking within 1 month before check-in, the full amount must be paid within 2 days after reservation.
  6. The amount can be transferred to the following account number, stating the reservation number stated in the email:
    IBAN: PT50 0045 5020 4027 3619 4847 4
    Bank name and place: Credito Agricola, Alcobaça
    In the name of: Couwenberg & Van Kessel LDA
    Address: Rua da Lagao, Lagoa do Cao, 2460 613 Aljubarotta, Portugal
  7. We confirm the payment and final reservation by email and send you additional information for a great holiday.
  8. If you do not pay on time, the availability will be released again. We will not just do this, we will contact you first.
  9. Any remaining amount must be paid no later than 4 weeks before arrival. We will send you a payment reminder for this.
    If you do not pay on time, a payment arrangement will be agreed in consultation or the reservation will be canceled in accordance with our conditions.
  10. We advise you not to wait too long with arranging airline tickets and rental car. These are often much cheaper if you are on time. See also our travel tips about airline tickets or car rental
  11. You can always contact us for any questions via email, telephone or what´s app/Signal (+351 919133855) or facebook.
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It will take a while, but we wish you a good prospect for your holiday in Portugal!

Attention :

The confirmation of your reservation will be sent by e-mail. Please add our email address ” ” in your personal contacts, this prevents our email from ending up in your SPAM or Publicity folder.

So if you didn’t receive confirmation e-mail, check your SPAM or Publicity folder.

See you in Portugal.

Sandra and Maurice

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