There´s privacy and privacy

We value the privacy of your holiday. An extra reason to choose one of the accommodations of YourHoliday.PT. Located on the Silver Coast of Portugal. Welcome!

We, Maurice and Sandra, also consider privacy an important issue when we are travelling.

All those holiday websites gathering your private data via “cookies” to collect and sell.

Or those holiday accommodations on row, close to each other, terraces hardly separated, neighbours looking into your home or terrace, etc.

Yes, there are too many of them. Don´t worry, we will provide privacy for your holiday!

Your privacy at the holiday accommodations

Casa Cantiga – Family Holiday Eco Resort

The set up of the small and child friendly holiday resort Casa Cantiga assures privacy. Every accommodation has its “own domain” on distance of the other and the common garden is the domain of the playing children.

SolMar – beach appartment at the Silver Coast

Beach apartment SolMaris located in a small and nice apartment building. Perfectly on the top floor over viewing the other buildings in the neighbourhood. The huge roof terrace provides your the view to one of the most beautiful beachesof the Costa da Prata. You have no views from above and the neighbour’s terrace is next door but separated by a high wall.

….@ Friends

We rent out various accommodations of friends of ours. Here, too, we select for privacy. For details, see the description of each @ Friends accommodation.

Privacy of your data

We respect the privacy of all our guests and those who have shown interest on our site, who have emailed, sent messages via social media or called us. We ensure that the personal information you provide us with is used only for our holiday rental services. In principle, we do not share your information with anyone, unless we are legally obliged to do so or it is necessary for your stay. The exceptions are:

  • legal obligation to share billing data with the Portuguese tax authorities
  • Legal obligation to share some personal data with the SEF – Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (Immigration and Border Protection Service of Portugal).
  • We share some details with the owners of the …@ Friends accommodations in preparation for your stay.
  • the analytics of our website collect user data but we have activated safeguarding for privacy: Rankmath Anonymize IP Addresses, Enable Cookieless Tracking

We do not use your information for any purpose other than your (possible) holiday at one of the holiday accommodations of YourHoliday.PT. We are also very cautious about showing photos of guests on our website or social media and always ask your permission first. We neither collect nor sell data. Fortunately, we are too small to (want to) take commercial advantage of this.

We offer our website visitors the opportunity to view, change or delete personal information provided to us. Please contact us for this.


Privacy sets us apart from many competitors. In terms of data, in terms of accommodation and you can also contact us via the privacy-driven messaging app Signal

We hope to welcome you soon!

Best regards,

Sandra and Maurice